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Fifa WC Soccer Ball by WatermelonLand Fifa WC Soccer Ball :iconwatermelonland:WatermelonLand 0 2 Randomness of Oofuri by WatermelonLand Randomness of Oofuri :iconwatermelonland:WatermelonLand 0 0 Miabe by WatermelonLand Miabe :iconwatermelonland:WatermelonLand 2 0
The Optimist - I
*Please read the Author's Comment after this story, as it will explain a lot of things.
If anything in this story offends or makes anyone angry, I fully apologize. This is a work of fiction and is not intended to start any arguments, religious, political, etc. Thank yous :3
The Optimist
Our President has forgotten something vital in his speech to the world. He is speaking out from that grand podium, adorn with golden tinsels, like snakes sneaking from the tip of the wooden post, and towards the ground, and enumerating each tiny word with a sharp and firm command in his tone. The people below him - for of course, he is situated above, as though on a pedestal - are enraptured, their eyes less intelligent, less productive, with each word, only responsive to the dripping honey flowing from his mouth; they do not notice the countless hours he has stood up there, preaching down to his little, carefully-controlled drones, do not notice how they seem to be frozen in place, a
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He embodies the perfect replica of a "haunted-chalkboard ghost." Pale, almost translucent skin on a dead-shock, horrified face. Round eyes (as round as dinner plates, maybe?) soaking in the scene before him, as his body begins to shake, shake. Those soft lips of his, more feminine than masculine, is also shivering oddly, a familiar and pathetic tremble that starts upward, and ends downward. If one didn't know any better, one would think that he himself wasn't the ghost - but the victim of one, with the way he was acting.
My vision blurs as I turn to face him again.
The classroom exudes a quaint, quiet atmosphere, since school has ended and left and the boisterous sunlight of morning and afternoon has faded into a submissive evening glow. We're standing in Room Oh-eighty-two, probably one of the oldest classrooms in Harrison County High School. The walls are all wooden, the boards a green, "chalkboard" texture, and the cheap blue paint splattered hapha
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Shounen Ai at a Glance by WatermelonLand Shounen Ai at a Glance :iconwatermelonland:WatermelonLand 35 8
Only Replacements
Only Replacements
It was a beautiful candle lit dinner - in a room filled with the broken petals of sunflowers and the warped bantering of love songs - and a game of hide and seek - the hiding a desperate sprint of escape, the seeking a desperate sprint of desire. It was a little consolation from both sides - rejected and crushed by the one they sought out - and a little nuclear war in the very room they shared, the very bed they laid on, the air they breathed. It was trying to forget and trying to move on, and wishing for something other then those achingly familiar blue eyes of innocence and oblivion - of pure determination and naviety - and the twisted memories that wouldn't fade away. It was the whisper of those three words - even if the eyes that said them were full of hateful tears - and the promise of forgetting - the promise of warmth and caress in the lonely darkness of night, when not a soul cared whether they lived or died, behind the closed doors. It was masochistic
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An Exchanging - 02: His Heart
An Exchanging
I saw his heart and,
I wanted it.

Everyone claimed he had a good, pure heart.
Always trying to help, they would say and smile, always trying to be the hero. They were constantly bothered by his cheerful disposition - his "lack of brains" - and foolhardy demeanor, saying things to veer him off his course of stupidity and occasionally - mayhem. And although, whenever they met his open and wide gaze, the wish of words like 'Go away' or 'Leave us alone' echoed in their minds, there was something else - something almost intangible and murky - beneath those train of thoughts,
His heart is a good one.
A heart as fake, as cold and harsh, as any other heart in the world.
It's strange, Alfred F. Jones concluded, how people only look on the outside. If his mind, usually filled with senseless ramblings and whatnots, were to take a brief respite down a place full of darkness and distortion - then he would smile and flush with a sudde
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An Exchanging - 01: His Eyes
An Exchanging
I liked his eyes and,
I wanted them.

Everyone thought his eyes were beautiful.
They claimed that violet - his pale and light lavender violet - was such a rare color for eyes. That the softness of the hue was a deep and unsettling contrast to such a cold interior. They would gaze upon his face - some unwillingly, those willing perhaps regretting the decision afterwards - and immediately, their expression would change. For the brief second that gazes were exchanged, he could imagine the thought flickering in their mind,
How could this monster...have such beautiful eyes?
How could a monster have such a light and carefree color of violet embedded within irises so emotionless, empty, and...
Perhaps, Ivan Braginski had reasoned, they believe that death is beautiful.
And then he would fall to his bed, thinking - as he always did on days when the sun had no strength to shove through the barricade of clouds - and when he cast a violet-ey
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Fanart: Russia's Letters by WatermelonLand Fanart: Russia's Letters :iconwatermelonland:WatermelonLand 10 16 APH: Leeks vs Pipes by WatermelonLand APH: Leeks vs Pipes :iconwatermelonland:WatermelonLand 2 0 APH: Enemies by WatermelonLand APH: Enemies :iconwatermelonland:WatermelonLand 6 7
Russia Memoirs Part 3
Ivan Braginski (Russia) Memoirs.
Chapter Two:
General Winter's Gift

After the long and exhausting trip back to Russia, all Ivan wanted to do was fall asleep and hope beyond hope that his dream wouldn't be tainted by blood again. But, with a sigh, Ivan decided to head back to his house in Moscow before one of his tenants worried themselves silly over him. Well, "worry" wasn't exactly the right word; it was more of a when-will-Russia-be-back-so-I-can-prepare-myself-for-him kind of deal.
Ivan shared his house with the three Baltic countries, three different nations with three different origins. They were Toris of Lithuania, Raivis of Latvia, and Eduard of Estonia, and they feared him like no other. The Baltics depended on his support and power least their empires collapsed and they were friendless. They constantly worried that, one day, Ivan would turn against them and ruin their lives, so the three opted to please the all-mighty Russia and remain on his good side.
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Russia Memoirs Part 2
Ivan Braginski (Russia) Memoirs.
Chapter One:

Time: November 20, 1914
Place: Conference of Allied Powers

Ivan Braginski wasn't sure if he should knock or not. The wooden door was so tightly shut and he could already hear the heated debating within. Surely France and England were fighting again and Italy would most likely be lounging in the back of the room, staring out of the window. Well, there's nothing to lose, Ivan sighed and putting on his best mask- the one that expressed a heavy childishness and ignorance- he entered the room.
The silence was immediate; every head swiveled to stare at him. The atmosphere was suddenly wary and full of tension. Ivan felt himself grow slightly angry at their usual responses to his presence, but forced his visage and tone to remain neutral. "I'm sorry for the lateness!" Ivan said in a cheerful, sweet voice, "I must have forgotten to set my alarm this morning, da." He cast them a small smile, one that was intend
:iconwatermelonland:WatermelonLand 1 1
Russia Memoirs Part 1
*Fanfic inspired by Axis Powers Hetalia anime and the Russian song "Agoniya" by Linda, and of course, Russia's interesting and bloody history ^^ (though not all of it was bloody and gory, there were good times also). Also, facts about Russia and its leaders may not be accurate (I don't really trust Wikipedia.. >_>)
This is purely fanfic! It was something I just had to let out after learning about Russia's strange behavior in the anime and hearing the song and some of the horror in Russia's past. Please do not be offended by anything that may or may not offend you in this fanfic. ^^ *
Ivan Braginski (Russia) Memoirs.
Prologue 01. Creatures of Winter
They all feared him. Kept their distance and talked in nervous tones when addressing him. He could see the horror and uncertainty reflected in their eyes at his massive form, at his rough brutality. He witnessed the stirred conversations about him behind his back; nothing that disrespected him, of course, but every
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APH Ivan Braginski - Agony by WatermelonLand APH Ivan Braginski - Agony :iconwatermelonland:WatermelonLand 3 0
My stories and drawings :3 Enjoy all their suckiness<3



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I hope you're in less pain now.
Love you, Chubby.

Rest in peace.


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